Mold Resistant Drywall vs. Durock

Mold resistant drywall is exactly as it states. It’s mold resistant. It is made just like regular drywall except that is had more fiberglass in it and the paper has less organic product in it.

For those of you who don’t know, mold only grows on organic products: paper, soap, shampoo, skin follicles, cotton, etc… Depending on the organic material, will depend on the color of the mold.


Durock is a concrete tile backer board that is water and fire resistant. It made up of ground up concrete that is wrapped with fiberglass mesh around it to help hold it together. You can submerge Durock under water and it will not disintegrate or mold.

Some installers use nails, I personally use screws. Nails can come loose due to temperature and humidity, where screws cannot, and with a screw, it’s there for a lifetime.


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