Many times they are obvious — other times you need to do a little investigative poking round. It’s what no one ever wants to find — a water leak from a sink, faucet, toilet, shower, or bathtub. A Waterleakstain on the ceiling below a bathroom is an obvious signs of trouble. However, many times water maybe leaking at a very small rate over months or even years causing unseen damage in many expensive ways such as mold hidden behind walls, tiles or under flooring.

If you have seen signs of a possible leak from a bathroom, you should not delay in finding out what is causing the problem. Waiting will only cost you more money in the long run. We’ve seen it all over the years. Mold, damaged sheetrock, rotten wood from leaks that occur… many times from poor bathroom work.

Many times if caught early enough repairs can be made and simple restorations can be performed to return your bathroom back to its original beautiful functioning state.

If you have a leak or you suspect you have a leak or other problem in one of your bathrooms, call us. We can help you and will get the problems solved quickly!

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