When you are remodeling a bathroom, your faucets are one of the prize items. Bathroom faucets are available in many different styles, designs and finishes. If you add in options for water conservation and interactivity, the faucets offered today provide homeowners every convenience.

It is very important that you fully understand what type of faucet you need for your bathroom remodel. Are you using an existing sink or are you buying a new one? Where are the faucet openings and what type are they? Today, the most common four type of faucet opens are single-hole faucets, center set faucets, widespread or three piece faucets, and wall mount faucets. Each type is obviously different and it’s important to know what type you need to shop for. Below we explain the different popular types. You should consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor before shopping. It is also wise to ask your contractor what stores they may have relationships with as they may provide you a discount.

Single-Hole Faucets – the spout and handle all share a single-hole design. Ideal for smaller sings in powder room baths.

Center Set Faucets – these faucets fit three-hole sinks. The two outer most holes are 4 inches apart. These faucets are ideal for most any bathroom.

Widespread Mounts –these faucets have two handles and a spout where the two most outer holes are 8 inches apart. These faucets are usually larger in size and can be used in many different bathroom arrangements.

Wall Mount Faucets – these types of faucets have recently gained popularity with freestanding or vessel type sinks that require a much larger spout that will extend over and into the sink bowl.


Bathroom Faucet Finishes

In recent years, fixture manufactures have created a plethora of different faucet finishes and many also offer lifetime warranties even on middle of road priced fixtures. Today’s faucet fixtures are available in finishes such as: polished chrome, brushed chrome, nickel, brushed nickel, polished nickel, stainless steel, bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed bronze, black, polished brass, and a verity of colored decorative ceramics. Oh year if you’re not on a budget gold is another finish that is available.

It’s important to keep in mind that you will need towel bars, light fixtures, door hardware and vanity top color/finish and don’t forget the cabinet finishes and hardware. It’s all needs to match for a consistent uniform look. Some faucet finishes are easier to care for than others. Polished chrome show water spots and finger prints more than brushed finishes. It’s all about style and what type of look you’re going for in your bathroom remodel project.

We have touched base on the basics for bathroom faucets. The new faucets have come a long way. Discuss your ideas and thoughts with your contractor, they do this every day and can provide valuable input to help you choose the right faucet for your bathroom.

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