Recently we received a call from a client that wants to redo their kitchen.  Should they use tile or linoleum on the floor?

I personally like linoleum because of the clean-up factor.  I have kids and they are constant spilling something on the floor.  When sweeping linoleum, the surfaces are typically smooth.  There are fewer cracks and crevices for dirt to become trapped (comparing linoleum with tile). If you don’t have to worry about spills and dirt, then use tile.  Did you know that there are quite a few linoleum patterns that look a lot like tile?  Best part is, it’s cheaper to install!

Keep a few things in mind for tilework, though:

If you use sanded grout with your floor tile, I recommend that you either use an additive during the installation, or a silicone sealant after the installation.  This helps prevent stains from spills and traffic wear-patterns.

Another consideration….How clumsy are you?  Imagine a spoon (or plate or pan) falling on your kitchen floor.  If it lands on the tile a certain way, the tile may be fine.  If it lands in another direction, the tile may chip.  That tile piece will have to be removed and a new one installed.  Did you purchase extras during the initial remodel project?  Do you still have them?  If not, are they still being manufactured?  Will the dye lots match?

One last thought…. Ceramic tiles are okay to use for kitchen remodels; on walls, backsplashes or as a decorative accent, but I don’t recommend ceramic for floors; they are a softer type of tile.  Porcelain tile, on the other hand, is a harder type of tile and can be used on floors.  Most likely, there shouldn’t be any wear patterns, if you properly seal the grout.

If you’d like to know more, feel free to call us at 301-353-0900.  Good luck with your project!

John Babyak

Owner, General Contractor and Installer